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Will MyKey Device Work?

Posted by Snoo from Newport - Published on 03/09/2011 at 17:48
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Yn Gymraeg

I recently read an article about a device used in America about a parental control system in cars which supposedly stops young people driving badly.

The Ford MyKey device allows parents to set a speed limit to the car as well as a limit to the volume of the stereo and mute the audio until a seat belt is used. This device is being introduced to Europe next year, but will it have the effect desired? I don't think so.

If parents need a device so they have peace of mind when they give their child the car keys, then the child probably doesn't deserve the car. Knowing that the driver can't go over (for example) 70mph is pointless, because it does not take the individual road into account.

The driver could speed at 70mph on a 30mph and the device would do nothing to stop it at all. And yes, it takes away some noise pollution from cars driving through neighbourhoods. But music can only be a distraction to the driver if the driver allows it to be.

But also, where will this control over drivers' actions end? Surely governments should be using this device on people who reguarly exceed speed limits and not waste their time promoting it at young drivers who may or may not speed. Where is the device to control the people who are really hurting pedestrians and other drivers?!

Getting access to a car and decent insurance is hard enough when you're a teenager and this device is just going to complicate matters, as well as making the whole process more expensive.

This device is pointless. As I said before, if a parent needs peace of mind to give their child car keys, then the child isn't ready to drive around yet. Let them practice with the parent in the car until the parent is satisfied. Not all young drivers are reckless idiots. There are better ways to combat this problem.

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