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Welsh school pupils’ chance to tell shoppers to ‘remember your bags’

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 14/09/2011 at 14:37
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As Wales prepares for the introduction of a new 5p minimum charge for carrier bags next month, new research from Asda shows eight in ten Welsh customers have already invested in a ‘Bag for Life’ but forget to take it out of their car when they visit the supermarket.

In a bid to help customers remember their ‘Bags for Life’ and reduce the need for plastic bags, Asda is asking local school pupils to design a special poster for their local Asda store that will remind shoppers to take their Bags for Life out of the car and into the shop.

Two winning posters will be chosen and displayed in store entrances across Wales and the winning pupils will be given a £50 Asda gift card plus a reusable bag for every pupil’s household at their school.

To help encourage customers to use their Bags for Life Asda is also giving away 2.8 million reusable bags in its Welsh stores between 24 September and 02 October.

Karen Todd, Asda sustainability manager, says; “We know that a supermarket shop is just one of 100 jobs that need to be done in a day, so it’s not surprising that although Asda customers want to do their bit for the environment by investing in a Bag for Life, they can sometimes spend more time in the boot than in the store.

“By enlisting the creative talents of our local school children and giving away nearly three millions reusable bags, we are hoping to give our customers a colourful reminder to dig out their Bag for Life – which will in turn, save them money in bag charges and reduce the need for plastic bags.”

To enter schools should go to www.asda.com/rememberyourbags to upload their designs and find out more. The competition will be open until 23rd September 2011.

The new 5p minimum charge for single use carrier bags will be introduced in Wales by the Welsh Assembly Government on October 1st 2011 as part of a drive to reduce carrier bag usage. Customers requiring a ‘thin’ plastic bag will be charged 5p per bag at the checkout. Asda will donate all revenue from the charge (after VAT) to local charities chosen by the store. Customers can also purchase reusable bags for life from 6p and at Asda a bag for life is for life as it will be replaced for free when damaged or broken.

N.B. Schools without email access can send their designs to
Remember your bags competition
C/o Euro RSCG
3rd Floor, 52 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6JX

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